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Welcome to Global Innovative Coaching's business and executive coaching blog. The aim of this blog is to provide information to assist you to take your business and life to a higher level of excellence. We encourage you to share your ideas by clicking on the comment buttons below the articles to add your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to discussing a variety of business and executive coaching subjects with you so please come back regularly to this blog and subscribe to the RSS feed to get automatic updates as new blogs are posted.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It is with much sadness that recently a great friend and mentor of mine lost his battle with cancer. In his final months I asked him if he could write a few brief words for us and it is with great pleasure that I publish it today on our blog. He was an inspiration to me and his love of life, positive attitude and passion for achieving his goals has driven me toward my dreams.  His inspirational leadership and mentoring changed my outlook on life and mindset to allow me to expand my previous thinking and learn to dream the many possibilities that life can bring us. The way he inspired me and always breathed belief into me will continue to be a driving force for me to achieve big things and live my dreams.

He was a great man, a visionary who inspired everyone around him and a highly respected, well regarded man who has left a lasting legacy. He was always positive and a solution oriented person - nothing was ever a problem! His ability to connect with people heart to heart, find out what people really wanted from life, inspire them to dream great possibilities, then help them and keep them motivated to achieve them, is a gift he had which has inspired many people and changed many lives. He should feel extremely proud of what he achieved and the legacy he has left behind.

His wisdom, vast knowledge, great people skills and amazing perception of dealing with people has rubbed off on me and empowered me to live my dreams. He lived by example by living his dreams, and even in the final stages of his battle with cancer he amazed the specialists by continuing to live his dreams. So quiet aptly the title of what he wrote for us is "Dreams".



Dreams are only goals without a date. They are what most of us do when we are children, day dreaming, especially when we are bored in the class room.

Without dreams we would be in serious trouble, as our ancestors use this type of process to conquer the early years of life.

Some early pioneers dreamed of conquering the oceans, and continents. Today a lot of us dream of just a better life, financial freedom, work and just to be able to do what we want when we want.

As a student I constantly day dreamed during class, for me it was like a disease. After each class I hadn't remembered a thing the teacher had said.

By the time I had started work I was distressed, thinking about all the years I had to work doing stuff I didn't want to do or like. Just like school I started day dreaming at work, I had so many different jobs but nothing helped. One day I joined a network marketing company, there was a fella from America, Jim, who called himself the dream weaver. I was fascinated by this this guy, as he spoke about the things that I was associated with.

I took in all about dream building, the essential part of building a business, as you really need to dream to find what you want in life. I became a dream builder, I did seminars on how to build a business by explaining to other members how dreams empowered you to find what you wanted in your business and in life.

By practicing my dream building seeing the big picture I built many dream charts.

If you purchase the Secret by Rhonda Byrne you will find a section on Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) which has a section on how he became successful by dream building.
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